Too Damn Sideways

by The Casual Fools

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HR - 00 / CD1

Our first and only full-length, now in it's entirely for all the world to stare at from a distance.


released March 15, 2013

Max Look: Guitar/Vocals
Sam Herman: Guitar/Vocals
Dan Roberts: Drums
Joey Selvaggio: Bass

This was recorded in Max's basement on a live mixer lent to us by Brian Silverstein with any mics we could get our grubby little fingers on (mainly with the help of the wonderful Matt McCroskey)

It was mixed by the Fools in garageband and mastered by the enigma that is Steve Perrino.




The Casual Fools Cleveland, Ohio

Those shmucks you don't want coming anywhere near your establishment.

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Track Name: Mantle
[Yell whatever you want at the end. Also, Joey wants to know where's the weirdest place you've ever gotten off]

Got an appointment with the doc
Just to cut me open and see what's locked
All up in my head, shit you never said

And all this tired news taking different hues
All up in my head,
Must've been something you had said

And with one confrontation at your salutation
I began perspirating just to get it in my face
With the pain at the end of my chase

Well, no skill required, just your application
And I'm feeling inspired just to get your revocation
That's just fine, it's all a waste of time
Someday we'll all be in our own

Personal catacombs, where in the dark we made our homes
Our personal catacombs,
Blood, sweat, tears, and the dead scavengers go

Catacombs/Bad Uncle/Evangeline x3
Track Name: Knucks for Consideration
Track Name: Valis
[Like, at a friends, public shower, car ride, upside down, in detention, during class, in time to Art Blakey's "Moanin'" ...?]

Someone knows how to say
So it goes for today
See my home, still the same
In its own, speaks my name

Hear the words, forget to say
Everyone looks the same
Take the least, leave the most
Mother girl no one knows

Hear the words, forget to say
Everyone still looks the same
Tone and mood set the stage
Other things begin to fade
Track Name: Three Hole Punch
[Joey named this song by accident before joining the band. He also admits to touching himself at work. Unrelated facts, but it just seemed right]

Well I don't wanna be your rebel,
it's just not where I could be placed
But I don't think its right tonight for me to
dwell in our dead space

In the dark its breaking down
You can see it in the stars
And the pieces of my battered heart
Are all that I ever find

Well you can see it in the stars,
I hope you don't mind my battle scars
They call me cliché, but the thought could never stray
That what you thought could be so bitter could
ever be so sweet
Track Name: Old News
[By this point, Max is incredibly uncomfortable]

You got the world at your hands
And knowledge at your feet
You're way too harsh and much to cool to be
You're armed to the teeth with crass and woe
Tell you how to be, but
It ain't you, no

They say you're just a fool
Too young to understand, and much too cool
Hey, you're just a goddamn fool
Too young to understand and much too cool

You've got everything you could ever need
Then you were sent off, never to succeed
Off to the cursed land where tall buildings grow
Left us behind with your crass and woe
Track Name: The Fleeting
[You too?]
Track Name: Burning Sticks
[Me neither]
Track Name: Traveler's Song
I'm not one to lie,
But I don't know what happens next

I called you up, you slammed the phone
Because of you I sleep alone
Here without your hand to hold,
Ripped off those sheets to make me cold
Left me here to rot away;
Your bitter scheme set into play
My friends were right since that first day,
Shouldn't have loved you anyway

Lost confused and torn,
Tired, I hit the floor